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Crazy Occoneechee Mountain sunset tonight. I guess it's just going to be like this every evening! I'm not complaining. You can see the Eno river glowing pink/orange below. #Photography #Hiking

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Yet another pretty sunset this evening at Lake Crabtree. We've been getting a lot of them here in the NC triangle area the past week or so. #Photography #NorthCarolina

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Mastodon's database size can often be reduced either through Postgres' VACUUM command or the pg_repack extension, the latter usually being more effective as a lot of the size is in index bloat which VACUUM does not touch. Mind that I do not recommend running VACUUM FULL unless you absolutely need to reclaim disk space on the system.

@matt First time I've seen this. That's crazy. I love the way you got him to say his name three times. 😂
I feel so bad for his lady passenger.

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Me: *shuts down my MacBook*

VSCode: Nope. You don't want this. I won't let you. One does not simply turn their computer off when I'm up. That's illegal.

Me: Shut up and die.

Every. Damn. Time.

@Juju hahahahaha! that is PERFECT! i needed that belly laugh. :flan_laugh:

@Juju let us Heathens criticize religion in peace on a beautiful Saturday.

@Juju lol. i suspended detroitcity.com long long long ago. that is just a common Troll.


@Juju let's also not forget that founder Joseph Smith murdered a church member and it was "okay" because it was ordered by God...in a vision....to just just Joseph Smith.


@Juju yes! any organization, religious institutions included, that glorifies making huge amounts of MONEY as a tenet is not an organization that should be respected or revered. </end rant>

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Queen death, satire but not 

@welshpixie 7 hours?? pff rookie

if you were a REAL MONARCHIST you'd be compulsively mourning 72 hours a day

WW2 bomb in Germany goes boom 

@Juju 😲

The ActivityPub Relay at relay.masto.social is available to the public. Mastodon and Misskey admins can subscribe at relay.masto.social/inbox. Pleroma can subscribe at relay.masto.social/actor.

Uptime and availability is not guaranteed, but the intention is to be a stable and reliable relay.

Follow (and optionally set notifications for) @relay for low volume updates and announcements.

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@doot the British know no higher honor than to stand in a really, really long line

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